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pH Structured Silver - A New Standard for Today's Colloidal Silver, Exclusive for Healthcare Practitioners

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Silver is well known for its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic qualities. It has been produced in a wide variety of forms over the years with variations in concentration, purity, stability, and colloid size. But there are several factors that make pH Structured Silver different from other colloidal silvers.

While pH Structured Silver is colloidal silver (small silver particles dispersed within a much larger amount of water), it is a structurally different form of colloidal silver. To better comprehend this, it is important to understand the difference between composition and structure.

Composition refers to the ingredients of a substance or mixture, whereas structure refers to the way those ingredients are arranged. For example, graphite and diamonds are both composed of 100% carbon – yet structurally they are completely different due to the way the carbon molecules are arranged. While composition and structure are related, they are not the same. The same is true with colloidal silver.

pH Structured Silver utilizes structured water which changes it structurally and gives it unique properties. It has a specific nanoparticle size, electron configuration, magnetic resonance, and pH level.

By having each silver molecule permanently bound to an H
2O molecule, its high zeta potential ensures the silver will not fall out of solution, making it safe for daily use. The incorporation of structured water not only adds additional documented health benefits, but it also creates a liquid with an exceptionally low dyne count, making it the best conduit for quick absorption.

pH Structured Silver liquid is formulated to have a mild alkaline pH level of 7.3 - 7.5, making it optimal for performance at the cellular level, while the gel is specially formulated to match the natural slightly acidic pH level of human skin.

The end result - pH Structured Silver is the safest, most advanced, and most bioavailable form of today’s colloidal silver


pH Structured Silver is manufactured under clean-room conditions where over 130 Standard Operating Procedures must be adhered to.

The cleanroom environment has a direct impact on the safety of the manufacturing process by eliminating many everyday contaminants which could reduce the effectiveness of the silver. Utilizing Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) ensures product standards are consistently met. The use of these two systems together assures the repeatability of product quality



Structured water is found all around us in nature as well as in every cell of our body. This has been proven and documented by three Nobel Prizes awarded in the 1990’s about how ‘clustered’, ‘organized’, or ‘structured’ water associates with DNA, intracellular fluids, cellular communication, and protein folding. 1

When water is in a structured state, the molecules are changed from H2O (bulk/unorganized water) to H3O2 (EZ/ structured/organized water), and the water becomes a liquid crystal, otherwise known as the 4th phase of water. This liquid crystalline phase falls between liquid and solid, where the water molecules line up with one another in an ordered fashion and their geometric pattern changes into a hexagonal configuration. 

but it also produces massive amounts of free oxygen. Most bacteria, viruses, and mold thrive in environments with little to no oxygen, therefore the free oxygen produces a habitat where anaerobic pathogens cannot grow, creating a pure environment. 5

The geometric formation of structured water allows it to have a lower surface tension, enabling it to be more readily absorbed by the body. Dyne testing is a procedure used to measure the surface tension of water. The lower the dyne pcc (per cubic centimeter), the better the absorption. Water needs to be converted by the body to 45 dynes pcc for it to be absorbed by the cells. Most bulk and bottled water score between 72-78 dynes pcc, revealing it doesn’t absorb well. 

They form structured layer sheets, much like the shape of a honeycomb, and are flexible and able to retain memory. 2

“The structure of water is much more important than its chemical composition.”

Structured water, however, scores around 43 dynes pcc, meaning the cells can utilize it much faster for optimum hydration. 6

- Rustom Roy, Professor | University of Pennsylvania

Different stimuli such as environment, memory, and different energy sources can change water’s geometric formation. These triggers make the molecules become structurally different compared to regular “bulk” water. 3 Analytical images reveal bulk water molecules placed in a negative environment appear as malformed crystals with no shape. In contrast, the same water molecules placed in a positive environment appear as beautifully shaped crystals with an organized and structured shape. These studies have been performed hundreds of times over with the same results, indicating water’s ability to retain memory. 4

The hexagonal shape of structured water molecules changes the way the hydrogen bonds to the other elements. Not only does it change the pH and the biophoton energy that supports cellular structure,

The internal fluids in the body are not just a general suspension of minerals and water, but rather they exist in an organized state with a perfect mineral balance, much like the sea. 7 If the mineral composition is not balanced or the organization breaks down, the body suffers disease. 8 But when structured water replaces the unstructured water in the body, cell water turnover and cellular metabolism are enhanced - positively affecting many other functions. 9

Structured water contains energy, and humans are electrical beings made up of structured water. “Cells can regenerate, microRNAs can communicate genetic information from food to our bodies, and the microbiome extends and complements our cells’ genetic capabilities.” 10 Therefore, ensuring the water we put into our bodies to keep those cells healthy is essential.

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• pH Structured Silver looks, smells, and tastes like water

A proprietary technique combining 99.9970% molecularly structured water with 0.0030% silver nanoparticles led to the creation of this new form of colloidal silver with enhanced performance and safety. It has only the 2 ingredients and is free of additives, preservatives, or any other artificial ingredients.

• pH Structured Silver has a mild alkalinity

pH Structured Silver particles have specific and unique characteristics, including a specific pH, a specific size, a specific electron configuration, a specific magnetic resonance, a specific magnetic signature, and a specific structuring effect on the water molecules. It has been approved by Health Canada for its safety when taken as directed.

• pH Structured Silver - A New Standard for Today's Colloidal Silver

pH Structured Silver is the safest, most advanced, and most bioavailable form of today’s colloidal silver. It is cGMP compliant and is manufactured in an FDAinspected pharmaceutical facility in the United States with over 130 Standard Operating Procedures that must be followed.


473 ml (16 fl. oz/oz liq.) | 30 ppm Silver


Travel Size Applicator Bottles 59 ml

Dropper Top / Nasal Spray / Mister Spray

Each bottle is easily refillable with the 473 ml bottle. It can fit in a purse, desk, pocket, or car and is small enough to pack in a carry-on bag when flying.


59 ml (2 fl. oz/oz liq.) | 30 ppm Silver


• pH Structured Silver Gel

Has been approved by Health Canada to be used as an antimicrobial to help treat minor skin wounds, burns, infections and affections. It is cGMP compliant and is manufactured in an FDA-inspected pharmaceutical facility in the United States with over 130 Standard Operating Procedures that must be followed.

• pH Structured Silver Gel

Is specially designed for the skin, bringing the many benefits of structured silver to situations where “staying in place” is important. Gels that are overly acidic can cause dryness, cracking and bleeding, while ones that are too alkaline can leave an unsightly residue. Our 100% unique silver gel is specially formulated to match the natural slightly acidic pH of human skin and is petroleum free.


Non - Greasy        Non - Flaking       Non - Scented

• Medicinal Ingredients (per dose):
  Silver (colloidal silver), 25 mcg/ml (25 ppm)

• Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
  Purified water, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, AIP-COP1, citric acid, 
  sodium bicarbonate

• Known adverse reactions:
  Discontinue use if skin irritation, hypersensitivity or allergy occurs.

• Cautions and warnings:

• Contraindications:


Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms worsen or persist after 7 days, discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use on deep or puncture wounds, animal bites or serious burns.



Screenshot 2021-10-07 094228.png

Clinically Analyzed

An epigenetic study on 20,000+ human genes with pH Structured Silver showed results of strong upregulation of genes influencing skin barrier development, antimicrobial and immune response coupled with strong down regulation of genes influencing inflammatory actions indicating expedited wound healing.

Screenshot 2021-10-07 092231.png

56 ml (2 fl. oz/oz liq.) | 25 ppm Silver


Vegan                                  Non-GMO                             Gluten Free                          No animal testing                   Clinically Analyzed


Pharmacies in the Ontario, Atlantic, and Western Regions can order pH Structured Silver Gel through one of the following major distributors: 

Screenshot 2021-12-25 181732.png




  1. Structured. A new methodology of combining energetically structured water and silver nanoparticles has produced an advanced form of colloidal silver with improved molecular structure.

  2. Faster. Studies show structured silver’s performance is enhanced due to its low surface tension and high zeta potential for optimal absorption and utilization by the body.

  3. Alkaline. pH Structured Silver liquid is formulated to have a mild base that is ideal for everyday use with the body.

  4. Documented. pH Structured Silver has Health Canada Class III Natural Product Numbers for the liquid and the gel, which are made in an FDA-inspected pharmaceutical facility in the United States.

  5. Analyzed. Epigenetic analysis was performed on wounded skin tissues treated with pH Structured Silver. Of the 88 genes widely recognized in wound healing, 59 of them showed results of strong upregulation of genes influencing skin barrier development, antimicrobial and immune response coupled with strong down regulation of genes influencing inflammatory actions indicating expedited wound healing

2000 BC

500 BC








Silver was mentioned in Egyptian writings.
Greeks and Romans used silver vessels for water purification.
Silverware protected the wealthy from the full brunt of the plague.

Doctors used silver sutures in surgical wounds.
Pioneers and frontier settlers used silver coins in their drinking water and milk to prevent spoilage.
Silver was used to combat wound infections during WWI.
Silver was used widely in hospitals.
Several commercial airlines and NASA used silver purification systems.
Technological advancements improved the safety and efficacy of newer silver vs older colloidal and ionic silvers.

New, superior biologically advanced structured silver technology developed in both liquid and gel form.
Health Canada approved two pH Structured Silver Class III Natural Product Numbers for 30 ppm liquid (NPN 80073403) and 25 ppm gel (NPN 80096251).
“First of its kind” Epigenetic study performed on the entire complement of 20,000+ human genes using pH Structured Silver on ex vivo wounded skin cultures.


56 ml Gel
For topical applications

59 ml Liquids
For oral and topical applications

473 ml Liquid
For oral & 59 ml liquid refills




pH Structured Silver has been a decade long participant in global

missions for medical care, education, and humanitarian relief

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Screenshot 2021-11-10 171914.png


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* Information herein is for reference only and is not intended to be taken as medical advice. No therapeutic or medical claims are either implied or made. Patients should not alter any medical treatment,
  or the use of medication without the permission of their medical care providers.

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